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Items in Other Languages: Books

A guide to finding books, articles, videos, and websites written in languages other than English. See also the Modern Languages & Literatures guide.

Finding books in the library catalog

Most of our books are in English, but we have plenty of books in other languages, too. Here's how to find these books using the library catalog. 


1. Starting at the UMW Libraries home page, click on the Catalog tab. Then, click "Advanced Search."

Screenshot of the Catalog tab and the Advanced Search link


2. On the Advanced Search page, look for the drop-down menu labeled "Language." Choose a language from the menu.

Screenshot of language limiter menu


3. Enter your search terms into the boxes, and click "Search."

Choosing search terms

Question: If I'm searching for books in German, should my search terms be in German or English?

Answer: Both!

The library catalog lists each book's title and author in the book's own language, but it lists the book's subjects in English. Therefore, in order to search all the information we have, you'll need to search in both languages.

For example, to find books about turtles in Spanish, you should search for both "turtles" and "tortugas." Do this as two separate searches, one for each term. For example, first  you'd search for "turtles" (limited to Spanish), and examine the results. Then, you'd go back and search for "tortugas" (again, limited to Spanish).