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Welcome to the library guide for LING 470S: Endangered Languages. Use the tabs above to navigate from page to page, and contact me if you have questions about research. I would love to help you!

The research project

The following information is excerpted from the class documents distributed by Dr. Fallon. Please see the original documents for up-to-date information.


From the syllabus (emphasis added):

Students will present the findings of their research in a brief 4-5 minute presentation during the time for the final examination.... At the final, students will also turn in a 15-20 page paper of original research (approved by the professor). Students must use 15-20 or more peer-reviewed sources or reference works using LSA documentation for references. Generally, it is better to pick a smaller topic that is examined in greater depth. Find something you're excited about.


From the project description:

The project could take one of the following forms:  

  • A case study of a particular endangered language 
  • A comparison of two endangered language situations 
  • A comparative assessment of: 
    • online dictionaries 
    • community language learning materials 
    • government policies on endangered languages and revitalization 
    • etc. 
  • A study of revitalization efforts 
  • A study of any topic covered in the Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages or in our other course readings. This topic could be  
    • technical, e.g. an update on the best audio recording hardware and software 
    • descriptive, e.g. the linguistic changes in an endangered language 
    • theoretical, e.g. models of factors that lead to (or from) language endangerment 
    • some other type not described above 


Due dates:

Topic Approval: 10 Nov. 2020 (or earlier) 

Annotated Bibliography:19 Nov. 2020 

Final Presentation: 8 Dec. 2020 12:00 p.m. Zoom class 

Final Paper: 8 Dec. 2020 11:59 p.m. file upload 

Research and Instruction Librarian

The Linguistics guide

The library provides guides to doing research in every subject that's taught at UMW. Here is the guide to doing research in Linguistics:


Much of the content on this guide was originally created by Jack Bales, UMW Librarian Emeritus, who is enjoying his retirement and is missed by his colleagues at Simpson Library.