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FSEM 100Q6: Shakespeare and Popular Culture: Home


Instructions: Please read all three pages of this guide, using the tabs to navigate from page to page. Please watch all four videos.

I recommend taking notes.

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Requirements for the final essay

According to the assignment description, your final essay should be 4-5 pages in length. It should include one primary text (typically, the film, television show, or popular artifact) and incorporate at least 3 scholarly sources (critical essay or articles about the plays, novels, or films) in its analysis.

The assignment description lists the following deadlines:

  • Friday, October 30: Research Proposal due on Canvas (5 points)

  • Friday, November 6: Annotated Bibliography due on Canvas (25 points)

  • Thursday, November 12: Rough Drafts due on Canvas (Complete/ Incomplete)

  • Tuesday, November 17: Peer Review due on Canvas (10 points)

  • Tuesday, November 20: Final Research Project (100 points)

Reference Librarian

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Peter Catlin

Other guides

Advice and recommendations for FSEMs in general, and for English research.

The Citing Resources guide gives you examples of perfectly-formatted citations. Zotero is a free app that keeps track of the sources you've found, and generates citations without any typing.