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FSEM 100L6: It's Alive!: Horror on the Stage: Home


Instructions: Please read all three pages of this guide, using the tabs to navigate from page to page. Please watch all four videos.

I recommend taking notes.

Meet your librarian

Your research assignments

The following is excerpted from the course syllabus:

Overall Questions:

What elements are necessary for a work to be part of the horror genre and which of the works we study this semester fit into that category? How does the element of live performance affect the ability to label a work as “horror”?

These are the questions we will be pursuing all semester, as well as the topic of your final research paper. You will be able to collect data all semester on this topic and will need to make an argument one way or another about one or more of the works we study this semester.


Your assignments include:

  • Three “mini” research papers of 3-4 pages
  • A 7-8 page research paper based off of the stated Overall Question (above) for the course

Reference Librarian

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Peter Catlin

Other guides

Advice and recommendations for FSEMs in general, and for Theatre research.

The Citing Resources guide gives you examples of perfectly-formatted citations. Zotero is a free app that keeps track of the sources you've found, and generates citations without any typing.