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Field Guide to Research Sources

What type of source did you find? Use this field guide to identify it.

Chapters in edited books

What they are: Essays by various authors, selected by editors and collected in books.

Remember: if a book is made up of essays, be sure to specify in your citation that you're citing one particular essay, not the entire book!


What they give you: Information about one narrow topic, and (sometimes) citations to other sources.


How to spot them: 

  • The book has an editor, not an author.
  • Different chapters have different authors.
  • Each chapter has its own title. 
  • If there are citations, they are (usually) at the ends of the chapters, not at the end of the book.


What they look like in Quest:

Because this is an edited book, Quest displays the editors' names below the title, where you would normally see authors' names.

A screenshot of a book as it appears in Quest


Quest can also show you the chapter titles. To see them, click on the book title and then scroll down to Details:

A screenshot of the chapter titles for an edited book in Quest


What they look like as chapters in e-books:
Screenshot of an e-book chapter


What they look like in print:A book open to a particular chapter