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UMW Libraries
Simpson Library | Special Collections

High school research at UMW

A guide to the UMW Libraries for high school students


A picture of the columns outside of Simpson Library

When you visit UMW, you have a limited amount of time in which to do research. How can you make the most of this time?

Try this strategy:

  1. Find the basics first.
    • For example, if your topic is "factors that lead to success in college," look for a book that tells you what those factors are.
    • It's okay to use non-scholarly sources such as Wikipedia to get an overview of the basics of a topic.
  2. Read, and take notes.
    • ​For example, you might read that adequate sleep is correlated with success in college. If so, write that down!
  3. Use your notes as search terms.
    • ​​For example, you could do a new search using the words "sleep" and "college."
    • As you find more information, keep taking notes on what you find, and keep using those notes as search terms.
  4. Save the best sources so you can cite them later​.
    • ​​Email articles to yourself. Check out books, or scan pages from books.