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Student Aide Help Guide: Checking out and Returning Books

Need-to-know procedures and other information

Checking Out Books

1.  First, confirm that the patron has their EagleOne card. No patron may check out any material without their card. We can put items on the hold shelf if the patron wants to come back later with their card.

2. Open the Alma menu and click on “Manage Patron Services” under Fulfillment.

  1. Scan the patron’s card. Their account should pop up.

  1. Using the scanner, scan the barcode on the book. It may take a moment, but the book’s information should populate.

  1. Do this for all items. Then use the desensitizer to desensitize the books.
  2. Give the books to the patron and verbally tell them when their books are due.
  3. Once finished, click Done in the upper right corner.

Checking In Books


1. Open the Alma menu and click on “Return Items” under Fulfillment.                                                                                                             

2. Scan in all items. Pay attention for any pop-ups that may come up.

  1. Resensitize all items and place them on the appropriate cart or shelf.