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Citing Resources: Chicago / Turabian

A guide to the major citation styles

A Note about Chicago/Turabian Citations

Chicago has two systems of citation. The first uses notes (footnotes, endnotes, or both) in conjunction with a bibliography. This Notes - Bibliography style is most commonly used in history, literature, and the arts. The second system, the Author - Date system, includes parenthetical references in the text and a bibliography; it is most commonly used in the sciences and social sciences.

At UMW, Notes-Bibliography tends to be the more popular of the two systems, so some professors may use "Chicago style" or "Chicago/Turabian" as shorthand for "Chicago Notes-Bibliography System." Consult your instructor as to which version of Chicago is preferred for your class.

Chicago / Turabian (UMW Library Guides)

Chicago / Turabian (Non-UMW Guides)

Short Summaries and Examples of Chicago / Turabian Style