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HIST298: History Practicum: SC&UA Usage Policies

Research Room Usage Policies

To preserve and maintain our unique and historic resources, we request that all researchers follow the guidelines below when handling and using materials from Special Collections and University Archives.

Research Room Rules and Regulations:

  • Bags must be left near the entrance, although laptops are welcome
  • No food or drink is permitted
  • All notes must be taken in pencil
  • The stacks are closed; a staff member will retrieve your requested materials
  • Materials from the collections do not circulate

Materials Usage Guidelines:

  • Wearing gloves is required only when handling materials from our photographic collections, but please wash and dry hands thoroughly before handling any rare materials.
  • Care must be exercised not to exert pressure on records; for example, writing notes on paper placed on top of a record. Make no notations on manuscripts or in books.
  • Do not turn down the corners of pages or use metal paper clips to mark your place in a book. Acid-free paper strips are provided for this purpose.
  • Do not use pens or highlighters near the materials; pencils are provided for use in note-taking.
  • Documents are generally filed in chronological order. Please maintain the order as you view collection materials. Notify a staff member if any papers are misfiled.
  • Please handle materials carefully; many of our collections are quite fragile. Turn pages slowly and carefully and use care when unfolding and re-folding maps and other inserts. Use care with books that are brittle; some bindings cannot be opened completely without damaging the item. Book supports are to be used with materials whenever appropriate.

Thank you for helping us keep our collections safe and in good condition for future users.