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Book Reviews: Quest

A guide to finding book reviews

Using Quest to Find Book Reviews

Quest is the library's all-in-one search tool. It searches most of UMW's library databases simultaneously and delivers the results in one list.

To find book reviews in Quest, search for the title of the book, and (optionally) the author's last name.

For example, to find reviews of the book A Lab of One's Own: Science and Suffrage in the First World War by Patricia Fara, you'd type this in the box:

A screenshot of a Quest search box, showing the words "a lab of one's own" and "fara"

You'll get a list of search results. If you're getting lots of irrelevant results, try putting the title of the book in quotation marks (e.g. "a lab of one's own").


The search results may include the book itself and/or reviews of that book. To distinguish between books and articles, look for the word BOOK or the word ARTICLE above the title. For example:

A screenshot of Quest search results, showing two items. The top item is the book "A Lab of One's Own" and the bottom item is a review of that book.

In this example, the first item is the book itself and the second item is a review of that book, which was published in the journal Science.


If you click on the book, you'll get information about that book. For some books, this includes a link to reviews of that book. The link is labeled "Book reviews."

Not all books have the Book Reviews link. If the link is there, it will look like this:

A screenshot of the Quest record for the book "A Lab of One's Own," showing the words "Book Reviews (5)" underneath