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ARTH 326: Romanesque and Gothic Art: Let's do research

Researching in class

Decorative art based on the Bayeau embroidery, bearing the words "The answers you seek may be found in the library"

picture generated using the Historic Tale Construction Kit

In class on February 15th, we'll take some time to find sources and then share with each other what we've found.

Here's what I'd like you all to do with me on the 15th:

  • Think of one or two tentative topics that you might do your project on. If you need ideas for topics, read some tertiary sources (overviews).
  • Search for primary and secondary sources that relate to your topic. You'll have 10 minutes. You can use Quest or any of the other tools demonstrated in class. If you're not sure which words to put in a search box, read tertiary sources (overviews) and look for relevant words.
  • Try different searches, including broader topics and narrower topics. 
  • During the 10 minutes, please feel free to ask questions in the chat box. I'd love to help you find things!
  • After the 10 minutes are up, I will ask for volunteers to share what they found. I will put these sources up on the screen, and then we'll talk about them.