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Art & Art History: Classes

A research guide to finding books, articles, and other resources in Art and Art History


On this page are handouts, and other guides to research, created by librarians for specific classes.

Art History (ARTH)

ARTH 114: History of Western Art

ARTH 115A: History of Western Art II

ARTH 118: History of Asian Art

ARTH 224: Arts of Japan and Korea

ARTH 303: Methods of Art History (Dr. DeLancey's section)

ARTH 326: Romanesque and Gothic Art

ARTH 356 Global Modernisms in East Asian Art

ARTH 357: Contemporary Asian Art

ARTH 470A4: Contemporary Korea on Screen

Studio Art (ARTS)

ARTS 474: Professional Practices in Studio Art

First-Year Seminars (FSEMs) on Art Topics

FSEM 100H7: Environmental Art

FSEM 100J2: Creating Art & Ideas

FSEM 100Q2: The Beauty That Difference Gives Us

FSEM 100T1: K-Pop, Hallyu, and Contemporary Korean Art & Film