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FSEM 100S3: History That Didn't Happen: Types of Sources

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly sources

Popular sources

Written by experts for an expert audience

Written for a wide audience

Usually journals/articles

Magazines, newspapers, website

Peer-reviewed or “refereed”

Editorial review only

Always include thorough reference list 

Doesn’t always include references

Pro tip:  The references listed in a scholarly article can help you find additional resources on your topic!  

What does "peer reviewed" mean?

When a scholarly article is submitted to a journal, it goes through a process called peer review.  The editor of the journal will send the article to two or more experts in the field.  They will carefully examine the article, including the research methods used and the conclusions the author draws, and they may return the article to the author for clarification and revision.  Many of the library's databases, including Quest, allow you to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles only.