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Learn how to use ebooks at UMW Libraries.

Ebook Databases

Using UMW Libraries Databases

To find ebooks using a database, simply enter the database you wish to use. Or click through the alphabetized tabs to find a database that matches your needs. There are some ebook-specific databases available, such as ebrary. Find them in the box above: "Ebook Databases".

Using Sources Outside of UMW Libraries

There are ebooks available through sources outside of UMW Libraries:

Quest and Catalog Sidebars

When searching for ebooks in either Quest or the UMW Catalog, know that you can select ebooks as the only format for your search by selecting "ebooks" in the sidebar on the left:


By clicking on "Show More" in the Source Types section, you can find ebooks in the pop-up Source Types box.

UMW Catalog:

You can choose the ebook format for your search in the section underneath the header "Format."


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