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Popular Reading: Star Wars

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Catalyst: A Rogue One Story

PS3562.U25417 C38 2016  

War is tearing the galaxy apart. For years the Republic and the Separatists have battled across the stars, each building more and more deadly technology in an attempt to win the war. As a member of Chancellor Palpatine’s top secret Death Star project, Orson Krennic is determined to develop a superweapon before their enemies can. And an old friend of Krennic’s, the brilliant scientist Galen Erso, could be the key.

Galen’s energy-focused research has captured the attention of both Krennic and his foes, making the scientist a crucial pawn in the galactic conflict. But after Krennic rescues Galen, his wife, Lyra, and their young daughter, Jyn, from Separatist kidnappers, the Erso family is deeply in Krennic’s debt. Krennic then offers Galen an extraordinary opportunity: to continue his scientific studies with every resource put utterly at his disposal. While Galen and Lyra believe that his energy research will be used purely in altruistic ways, Krennic has other plans that will finally make the Death Star a reality. Trapped in their benefactor’s tightening grasp, the Ersos must untangle Krennic’s web of deception to save themselves and the galaxy itself.

Life Debt: Aftermath

PS3623.E53 L54 2016  

It is a dark time for the Empire. . . . 

The Emperor is dead, and the remnants of his former Empire are in retreat. As the New Republic fights to restore a lasting peace to the galaxy, some dare to imagine new beginnings and new destinies. For Han Solo, that means settling his last outstanding debt, by helping Chewbacca liberate the Wookiee’s homeworld of Kashyyyk.
Meanwhile, Norra Wexley and her band of Imperial hunters pursue Grand Admiral Rae Sloane and the Empire’s remaining leadership across the galaxy. Even as more and more officers are brought to justice, Sloane continues to elude the New Republic, and Norra fears Sloane may be searching for a means to save the crumbling Empire from oblivion. But the hunt for Sloane is cut short when Norra receives an urgent request from Princess Leia Organa. The attempt to liberate Kashyyyk has carried Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a band of smugglers into an ambush—resulting in Chewie’s capture and Han’s disappearance.
Breaking away from their official mission and racing toward the Millennium Falcon
’s last known location, Norra and her crew prepare for any challenge that stands between them and their missing comrades. But they can’t anticipate the true depth of the danger that awaits them—or the ruthlessness of the enemy drawing them into his crosshairs.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

PZ7.7.C47 St 2016  

The Republic crumbles, an Empire is born and a new evil rises in the offiial adaptation of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith! As the Clone Wars rage, the fate of a young Jedi takes a dramatic turn, and many of the biggest questions raised by the original trilogy are answered. When the fearsome droid leader, General Grievous, sweeps into the Republic capital and kidnaps Chancellor Palpatine, two Jedi Knights lead the desperate rescue mission. But Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker will face far more than they ever bargained for, and their relationship will never be the same! Lightsabers clash, battles rage in space and incredible armies go to war in a tale of sacrifice, treachery and loss.


PZ7.J64052 Ahs 2016  

(Young Adult)

Fans have long wondered what happened to Ahsoka after she left the Jedi Order near the end of the Clone Wars, and before she re-appeared as the mysterious Rebel operative Fulcrum in Rebels. Finally, her story will begin to be told. Following her experiences with the Jedi and the devastation of Order 66, Ahsoka is unsure she can be part of a larger whole ever again. But her desire to fight the evils of the Empire and protect those who need it will lead her right to Bail Organa, and the Rebel Alliance….

Star Wars, Episode VI, Return of the Jedi : Graphic Novel

PZ7.7.G656 Star 2015

Luke Skywalker faces his destiny as the greatest trilogy in all of fiction concludes, remastered for the modern age! These are grim times for the Rebel Alliance. Han Solo is in the hands of the vile Jabba the Hutt. The Jedi Master Yoda grows weak. Emperor Palpatine is determined to turn Luke to the dark side. And Darth Vader nears completion of a new dreaded Death Star even more powerful than the first. To avert certain doom, the Rebels head to the forest moon of Endor - but will the native Ewoks be friends or foes? Before the Battle of Endor begins, Princess Leia faces dramatic revelations. And when Luke surrenders to Vader, the fate of the galaxy may rest on the ultimate father and son confrontation!

In the Shadow of Yavin: Volumes One Through Four

PZ7.7.W65 St 2015

Volume One: The Battle of Yavin may have destroyed the Death Star, but it hardly removed the Empire threat, and the Rebel Alliance needs supplies and allies in order to solidify its efforts. Three of the Rebellion's greatest heroes journey to the Outer Rim to help in any way possible.

PZ7.7.W65 Stab 2015

Volume Two: Since their victory over the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has been searching in vain for a permanent home base, and way to restock desperately needed supplies and armaments. Meanwhile, Darth Vader has been given a chance to redeem his loss of the Emperor's greatest weapon.When an Imperial Star Destroyer unexpectedly intercepts an Alliance scouting mission, leader Mon Mothma begins to suspect there is a spy among the Rebel ranks. She charges Princess Leia with a secret mission: form a team, find a new base, and uncover the spy. Meanwhile, smuggler Han Solo and his first mate, Chewbacca, are on a mission of their own for Mon Mothma.


PZ7.7.W65 Stac 2015

Volume Three: Since their victory over the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has been searching for a permanent home base and fighting off attacks by the Empire. Suspecting a spy has been revealing their movements to the enemy, Princess Leia gathers a team of trusted, skilled pilots for a secret mission: find a new base - and uncover the spy. To resupply the Rebel fleet, Mon Mothma sends smuggler Han Solo and his first mate Chewbacca on a secret mission of their own - to Coruscant, the heart of the Empire. Meanwhile, Darth Vader, suffering the Empire's scorn after the loss of the Death Star, has been diverted from the pursuit of the Rebels and sent to a remote location. 


PZ7.7.W65 Stad 2015

Volume Four: As the euphoria over their destruction of the Death Star begins to wane, the realities of fighting - and surviving against - the Empire begin to take their toll on key members of the Rebel Alliance. Compounding these pressures is the suspicion of a spy in their midst. Princess Leia risks the cohesion of her newly formed secret squadron by grounding Luke Skywalker and a female pilot, Prithi, for not taking the initial training seriously - just when the Empire is prepared to unleash Colonel Bircher and his elite squadron of TIE interceptors. Meanwhile, Han Solo and Chewbacca, on a supply mission for Rebel leader Mon Mothma, have run into their own Imperial troubles on Coruscant...