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BIOL 260: The Research Process: Citation Management

More Zotero Help

Identifier Input Examples

ISBN: 9781405198387

DOI: 10.1007/s00265-014-1777-9

Step 1: Get Zotero

Step 2: Adjust Settings

In the Settings menu, select Preferences. 

Sync: Add your Zotero credentials

Advanced: Add the library link resolver  to the OpenUrl window. 

Step 3: Input References

  • Import PDF and auto-lookup metadata
  • Import from DOI
  • Import from a publisher article page using the Zotero browser plugin.
  • Import from citation file (look for "Export RIS" or similar)

Step 4: Edit References

  • Add full text
  • Edit metadata
  • Add tags and notes
  • Assign to groups

Step 5: Format Citations

If necessary, download additional citation styles from the Zotero Style Repository

  • Drag a Zotero record directly into any text editor (e.g. email, MS Word)
  • Right click on a Zotero record  - "Create a bibliography"
  • Use the Zotero tab in MS Word to add citations and bibliographies. 

Always check for errors in your citations!