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Disability Resources: Disability Studies

This guide highlights UMW Libraries' disability resources and gives an overview of research resources on the subject of disability studies.

Search Terms

Shown below are potential search terms or subject headings to use when searching the UMW Libraries catalog or databases. The term handicapped is now rarely used as a subject heading, but may be useful when searching for older material.

You may also wish to search the catalog or databases using a specific disability or condition, such as:


Listed below is a selection of books on the topic of disability studies that UMW Libraries has in its collection. Additional resources can be found by searching the catalog. If you encounter a resource UMW Libraries does not own you may request a copy through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Online Resources

Collected below is a selection of useful online resources. Be sure to critically evaluate material found online. UMW Libraries has published a useful LibGuide on evaluating information.

Governmental Websites

Disability Studies Websites

Related Organizations and Groups

Other LibGuides

These are guides created by other librarians on the topic of disability studies. Some of the resources they list may be unavailable through their website, but you may be able to gain access to them through the UMW Libraries website, catalog, or Interlibrary Loan (ILL).