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Electronic Equipment: UMW Libraries and the HCC: Smartpens

Electronic Equipment Guide

Livescribe Smartpens

Records what you write and hear. The built-in speaker plays back audio.

Smartpen Help

Assistance on how to use the Smartpens can be found on the Livescribe website.

Intercampus Use

Because of potential loss or damage to library technology items, nothing will be shipped via intercampus mail.  For library technology available at the Fredericksburg campus, please contact the Simpson Library.


The Stafford Campus Library has 3 Livescribe Pulse Smartpens available.  Use of the Smartpens is on a first come/first borrow basis. Library holds are not available for these items. 

Who May Borrow
Only currently enrolled students and actively employed faculty and staff of the University of Mary Washington may borrow these items.

Loan Period
Smartpens may be borrowed for a period of 7 days.

What You Borrow
Smartpens are loaned with 1) a Smartpen 2) a 50 sheet starter notebook 3) a USB charging cable 4) a headset and 5) a protective case for the pen. You are expected to return the items identified in the previous sentence when you return the Smartpen to the Library. You will be billed replacement costs for lost or damaged components. 

Replacement Costs for Lost or Damaged Smartpens

  • borrower understands that all electronic equipment and/or accessories are the property of the University of Mary Washington.
  • borrower will return all equipment to University of Mary Washington in the same condition in which it was provided to me.
  • borrower will return all equipment on specified due date.
  • borrower understands that failure to return equipment will result in an overdue fine.
  • borrower is responsible for the replacement cost for equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged.  Damages include but are not limited to accidents, neglect, or misuse.
  • borrower understands that legal action may be taken for failure to return equipment without proper compensation.

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