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Campus Newspapers

Campus Newspapers

UMW Bullet and Blue & Gray Press
Mary Washington's campus newspaper, The Bullet, was first published in 1921.  It ceased publication at the end of the 1923-24 academic year but began again in 1927.  Unfortunately, none of the 1921, 1924, or 1927 issues have been located.

The Bullet changed its name to The Blue & Gray Press with the September 4, 2014, issue (volume 88, issue 1).

Current issues of The Blue & Gray Press are shelved in Simpson Library's Current Periodicals area on the first floor and in the Periodicals section of the Stafford Campus Library. Microfilmed issues of the campus newspaper are in the gray microfilm cabinets on Simpson's first floor (LH 1 .M3 B84). Paper issues (1922 to date) are available in Simpson Library's Special Collections and University Archives (room 217). 

The Bullet is available in digitized form from 1922 to 2010 through Eagle Explorer, which also provides access to the Mary Washington academic catalogs, the alumni magazine, Aubade (the campus literary magazine), and The Battlefield (the yearbook).  Click here for access to just The Bullet itself.

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A "Campus Papers" section on this page furnishes access to selected college and university newspapers in the United States and abroad.