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Book Reviews: Full-Text Reviews & Citations to Reviews

A guide to finding book reviews

Full-Text Reviews and Citations to Reviews

First use the Quest search tool on the libraries' home page.  Quest allows users to find print and online resources through a single interface. Try a search on the title of the book (in quotation marks) and its author.

The below databases (except for the MLA International Bibliography) and others produced by the same company can be searched one at a time or together (click on "Choose Databases" to select multiple databases). Note dates of book review coverage.  If your book was published in 1902, for example, you will not find a review in Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective, 1907-1984, as its coverage begins in 1907.

Note: If a review found in one of these book review sources is not full text, click on "Check for full text" to see if the entire review is available in another database or if the review source is in Simpson Library’s collection. 

For citations to reviews of older books, see Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals, 1886-1974 (REFB Z 1035 .A1 C64). 

See also The Literary and Historical Index to American Magazines, 1800-1850 (REFB PN 523 .W371 2004), the two volumes of The Literary Index to American Magazines (1815-1865 and 1850-1900; REFB PN 523 .W__), and A Guide to Critical Reviews of United States Fiction, 1870-1910 (2 vols., REFB PS 371 .E35).

Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984
Indexes nearly 1,200 periodicals in the social sciences and humanities.

Humanities Full Text (indexing: 1984 to date; selected full text: 1995 to date)
Indexes some 600 journals in the humanities.

MLA International Bibliography (1926 to date)
A comprehensive index to articles and books on language, literature, and the dramatic arts.

OmniFile Full Text, Mega Edition (1982 to date)
A multidisciplinary database that provides the full text from a variety of the company's full-text databases, including Education, General Science, Humanities, Readers' Guide, Social Sciences, and Business. When available, the full text is included from these databases: Applied Science & Technology, Art, Biological & Agricultural Index, Index to Legal Periodicals & Books, and Library Literature & Information Science. Coverage dates: Indexing, 1982+; Abstracting, 1984+; selected full text, 1994+ (start dates for full-text coverage vary from journal to journal within a database).

Social Sciences Full Text (1983 to date; full text 1995 to date)
Indexes and abstracts more than 625 journals in the fields of psychology, sociology, gender studies, and other disciplinary fields in the social sciences.